I can literally feel my love for kendall schmidt & its this very nice feeling like butterflies in my chest idk


Kendall selfies. 😊


An acoustic album and a holiday song?

The sound that just came out of my mouth was not human.

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But Kendall’s broad shoulders and his tummy pudge and his tattoos and his bedhead and the bracelets he always wears and his lanky frame and his long legs and his V line and his slim fingers and his jawline and his lips and his everything and no.

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"Slow-mo Kiss" I’ve now learned that a kiss sounds an awful lot like a fart in Slow Motion. This has had me laughing for 5 minutes now #HeffronDrive

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Past boybands vs BTR in Like Nobody’s Around

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Best thing ever

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Kendall getting a new phone was a quite a terrible idea